From Platform to Cellar

The Paguro platform, launched in 1963 in Porto Corsini, in September 1965 was preparing for the last of its missions: the drilling of the PC7 well to reach a field almost three kilometers deep. It was September 29th, when the unexpected happened: the drill damaged a second field, rich in gas at very high pressure.

The fire

The safety measures adopted were of no use: the fury of the abyss was unleashed in an angry and uncontrollable eruption.

The engulfed platform caught fire - burning together with the lives of three Agip technicians: Pietro Peri, Arturo Biagini and Bernardo Gervasoni - and sank into the abyss. Slowly, the inhabitants of the abyss took possession of the wreck. Hermit crabs, scorpion fishes, lobsters, crabs, oysters have taken up residence.

The rebirth

From 1965 to today, the sunken methane platform has thus been reborn, transforming itself into an underwater oasis, declared a Site of Community Importance in 1995, which fascinates its visitors with the enchantment of its varied forms of life.

A wonder is born from a catastrophe, sealing the dichotomy between past and present, making the pact of yesterday and today.

Without that nefarious event, the home of the strangest species of our seas would never have been born, the cradle of the wines of Tenuta del Paguro would never have been born.

The comparison

In 2008, during a friendly chat with Tonino Guerra, Gianluca Grilli learns about the history of the Paguro Platform. Curiosity is intertwined with the passion for food and wine of both, and Gianluca begins a journey of enological research, regarding the relationship between seawater and wine over time.

The roots of this relationship lie deep in history, since the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

The idea

With determination and enthusiasm, in 2009 Gianluca Grilli embarked on a path of wine research and innovation. With the collaboration of a team of divers from the Paguro Association, he sinks the wine crates of Tenuta Del Paguro into the artificial reef at a depth of 30 meters, to recover them after the time necessary to reach optimal ripeness.

In respect and protection of the natural ecosystem of the Paguro oasis, only 1,200 bottles per type of wine are immersed every year.

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Squilla Mantis

Squilla Mantis