The UnderWaterWines collection for scientific research

Tenuta Del Paguro is the first winery in the world to refine with the underwater method. Since 2008 we have been developing this method and approaching our constant research with a scientific nature.
It is from this predisposition to science that UWW is born, an immersion for the purpose of physical and organoleptic scientific research on the characteristics of submerged wines.

However, not all immersed bottles were used for laboratory analysis. A small number of bottles refined in Portofino on this occasion are available for pre-order.


The project saw the collaboration of Tenuta Del Paguro with Jamin Portofino S.r.l., specialized in refining activities together with the Department of Agricultural, Food, Environmental and Forestry Sciences and Technologies (DAGRI) of the University of Florence UNIFI.



Portofino special -52 meters

The aging location in Portofino offers some physical characteristics that differentiate this collection from Tenuta Del Paguro products of other vintages.

Refinement in the wreck of the Paguro Platform typically takes place at a depth of 25/30 meters, while that in Portofino involves diving to 52 meters, at a pressure of about 6 atmospheres.

At 12 nautical miles in the Adriatic, the currents present in the wreck of the Paguro platform are also different from those present during the refinement of this edition in the Bay of the English in Portofino, in a more protected area of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Collector's edition

Not all immersed bottles were used for laboratory analysis. A small number of bottles aged in Portofino in particular and unique physical conditions are available. These few remaining bottles are a rare collector's item, which for a limited time you have the opportunity to order for your cellar.

Sustainability, a greener method

The era we are living in, the changes to the climate, the importance of a sustainable approach and respect for living matter, are elements in comparison to which each of us must build their own response.

Tenuta Del Paguro has always followed a low-impact approach and integration with the natural and human environment.


The underwater refinement allows us to reduce the space to be reserved for the terrestrial cellar and the warehouse.


During the underwater refinement the temperature undergoes very few seasonal changes, guaranteeing a completely natural refrigeration of the wines.


The wines are immersed in protected naturalistic areas. The Estate undertakes to promote their knowledge and respect, and to guarantee a very low impact on them.